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  1. Petroleum Skies
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Rising up into the air
haze is all around.
Fire falls from solar flares
burnin on the ground.
And it’s still burning.
Towers stretch into the sky
make a city from a town.
And all the trucks are passing by
adding to the sound… (of fortune)

Under petroleum skies we quietly live our lives
although our time is fading
Before we lay down and die at least we’ll know what it’s like
to break it... the earth is shaking.
Under Petroleum SKIES

Drilling deeper under ground
all for the crown.
Striking gold, we’ll melt it down
riches are found
And we’ll keep searching.
Slave to the grid thatl let us live
never let us down
Just take your cheque and turn around
never show a frown
and keep on walkin’